Renowned firm L. Hainz Clockmaking  March 1997
has long-lasting tradition in reconstructions of historic mechanical clocks such as
the Loretto chiming clock, the Tower clock of St. Vitus' Cathedral and the Astronomical clock of Prague.
     The Horologium Brunensis  Dec.2010
has joined the exclusive club of amusing and exceptional clocks in the World. The new monumental clock is unique because it is interactive - releasing souvenir glass balls.

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     The Astronomical Clock of Prague  


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     Tycho Brahe and mercury  Dec.2010
Tycho Brahe is regarded as the persona extraordinaire.
Research by Danish scientists on Brahe’s remains in 2012 concluded that mercury did not cause his death.
     The Tower of Iglau: QUA LUNA NESCIS  Dec.2010
Will Jihlavians renovate the defunct feature of the phasing moon?
PALLIDA LUNA PLUIT, RUBICUNDA FLAT, ALBA SERENAT. The pale Moon rains, red winds, white serenes. The medieval saying substantiated weather forecast. Till the times of Gustav Mahler’s youth (1860s’), the tower had borne a functional feature of a half sunken moon ball. Why this kind of attribute? Firstly, it is a very old feature in use on the cathedral and public astronomical clocks like in Strasbourg and Rouen. Certainly, the other astronomical clocks indicated phasing of the moon like in Padova, Bologna, Kuttenberg, Lűbeck, Frankfurt, Olomouc, Stralsund, Prague, etc, but here, we are concerned with the deep-set kind of the Lunar indicator occurring in Nürnberg, Linz, Mantua, Rouen or Dubrovnik. The nearest one to Jihlava is in Uherský Brod in Moravia, implemented in 1958.
     Glimpse of Amsterodam @ nawcc  Dec.2010
Extract: Looking at the building turrets of the Central Station. The wind-4-dial with the mercurial gilded hand (the dial marked with cardinal and in between points) indirectly says: "Have a good journey". The dial signifies sea voyage and may evoke belonging to some exotic land. In a short distance, wandering around a district, sudden contrast turns up: felt presence of sins sanctified by exalting carillon compositions, heard depending on wind from a spire above, played on buttons by a scheduled world-class carillonneur.
And here is the connection with Prague. A monumental glockenspiel clock of Loreta in Prague has a set of original bells (28 pcs out of 30 pcs today) with the signature: Claudy Fremy me fecit Amsterodami AD 1686. For instance, the Church Laurentiuskerk in Varsseveld, Holland, prides itself on a single bell cast by Claude Fremy, who was a bell-founder, cannon-maker and medallist from Amsterodam.
     Renovation of a turret clock in Vanovice @ nawcc  Dec.2010
Extract: A chief horologeur at L. Hainz Mr. Skála has replaced a retired Mr. Zámečník about a year ago. Besides the firm's expert repairs on the Orloj of Prague, he's been reporting to restore a tower clock in Vanovice, near Boskovice, Moravia. I've noticed bad shape of the 3-6-9-12 dial about few times en route to Letovice. According to TV, nobody in Vanovice remembers the clock showing the correct time. But a regional monthly reported that some local elders remember the clock was in running order just after WWII. The remarkable clock is the national monument belonging to one of the largest non-Catholic church in Moravia (permitted building by Kaiser in 1782, completed in 1844). Finally, enough money has been collected to expertly renovate the heavily corroded, hour striking, three side by side trains, turret size, cast iron clock.

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